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    The Law School Boom and Bust

    Reprinted from If everyone could just have a college degree imagine how prosperous America would be? That’s...

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    The Logical Beauty of Libertarianism

    Reprinted from Would...

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    Decline in the Rule of Law

    F. A. Hayek, “Decline of the Rule of Law, 1”,  from The Freeman, April 20, 1953,  pp....

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    I Watch Westerns

    This article is excerpted from chapter 16 of Out of Step (1962). Reprinted from My wife averred that there must be a touch of sadism in my unconscious; otherwise, why should I be watching those “shooting pictures” as she called them. She may have been right, because when she presumed to turn...

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    The Need for General Rules

    Reprinted from 1. The Contribution of Hume...

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    Why Flee Equality?

    Reprinted from PanAm Post When discussing the exodus of peoples from communist regimes such as Cuba’s, it...

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    On Democracy, De-Civilization, and the Quest for a New Counterculture

    Excerpted from Because every action requires the employment of specific physical means – a body, standing...

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    Captured, Cuffed, and Jailed: A Personal Story

    Reprinted from It was a lovely day otherwise but, for me, most of it was spent...

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    My letter to the Financial Times, London re: The FT sides with counterfeiters and confiscators

    Re: The case for retiring another barbarous relic Dear Sirs: I was appalled at your supposed “case” for eliminating cash, which you yourselves describe as the peoples’ “go-to safe asset”. And what IS your case? One, “cash…limits the central banks’ ability to stimulate a depressed economy.” Really? Although I am not in...

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    My letter to The Times, London re: Legal tender laws protect unsound money

    Dear Sirs: I will not take the time required to refute point-by-point Mr. Ed Conway’s latest attack upon a gold-backed currency. It is obvious that he is completely ignorant of monetary theory and history. Rather, I will ask Mr. Conway why governments must erect legal tenders laws around their fiat currencies, using...

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    A fourth economic fallacy about Greece

    Recently I posted a short essay listing three economic fallacies about the Greek crisis. The three were (1) the euro is too strong a currency for Greece, (2) debasing its own currency will allow Greece to export its way to recovery and prosperity, and (3) instituting its own currency will allow the...

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    My letter to Wolfgang Munchau of the Financial Times, London

    Re: The make believe world of eurozone rules Dear Sir: In your otherwise fine column today–Monday, July 27, 2015–you conclude with this statement: “…Germany does not want to grant Greece debt relief for political reasons, and is using European law as a pretext.” Earlier in your column you pointed out that Article...

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    My Advice for Greece

      Leave both the European Union (EU) and the European Monetary Union (EMU). These are very flawed institutions. In his prescient book Tragedy of the Euro, Professor Philip Bagus uses the term “misconstructed”, which I think is very descriptive of the EU and the EMU. There is nothing that the European Union...

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    Nanoaggressions: Testing the Limits of Libertarian Legal Doctrine

    Reprinted from the Freeman Arthur Firstenberg sued his neighbor over a WiFi connection. Firstenberg asked for more than...

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    My letter to the NY Times re: Why laid off American workers can't find jobs

    Re: The Perils of Globalization Dear Sirs: I believe that Binyamin Appelbaum may have unwittingly answered his own question about why American workers who lose their jobs–as illustrated by the former Maytag employees in Galesburg, Illinois–have such a difficult time finding alternative employment of the same standard. Mr.Applebaum reports that America is...

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    Decline of the Rule of Law

    Reprinted from The Freeman Political wisdom, dearly bought by the bitter experience of generations, is often lost through...

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    Who Owns the Water?

    Reprinted from Dear Mr. Read: Congratulations on publishing the stimulating and challenging article on “Ownership and...

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    The Government Bundle: Would You Like War with Your Health Care?

    A recent business innovation that has seen wide market acceptance is the bundling of goods and services....

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    On Slavery

    Exactly one hundred and fifty years ago, the United States Congress passed the 13th Amendment to the...

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    Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig Fails to Take Down Libertarianism over Children's Rights

    If you ever want to disrupt a room of libertarians, you should bring up the topic of...

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