2016 International Conference of Prices & Markets

The International Conference of Prices & Markets is pleased to announce the 2016 iteration of the event Saturday November 5th in Toronto, Canada. This will be the 5th anniversary of the conference, with a special opening reception marking the occasion on Friday November 4th.

Our speakers will include: David Howden, Martin Sibileau, Sergio Alberich, Shawn Ritenour, Grahame Booker, Garrett Petersen, Ash Navabi, Glenn Fox, George Bragues, Josh Hall, Josh Matti, Joanna Szurmak, Pierre Desrochers, Jeffrey M.Herbener, Yang Zhou, and Alasdair Macleod.

The International Conference of Prices & Markets is designed to combine the opportunities of a professional meeting, with the added attraction of hearing and presenting new and innovative research, engaging in vigorous debate, and interacting with like-minded scholars who share research interests.


Registration is now open. To join us in Toronto, please register here. Students attend for free, but must register as well.


Friday, November 4th

7:00 p.m.

Opening Reception

Fox & Fiddle
280 Bloor St. West

Saturday, November 5th


Bahen Centre
Room BA 1180
420 George St.


Coffee, refreshments and registration opens


Session 1

David Howden, Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus, “A Consumption-Based Theory of the Term Structure of Interest”

Sergio Alberich, HAIC Ventures, “The Choice of Finance and the Particular Case of R&D”

Martin Sibileau, independent scholar, “Four Pillars of Finance: An Austrian Approach to Investing”

10:00-10:15 – Break

10:15 – 11:15

Session 2

Glenn Fox, University of Guelph, “The Rhetoric of the Bundle of Sticks”

George Bragues, University of Guelph – Humber, “Money, Markets, and Democracy”

Shawn Ritenour, Grove City College, “Toward and More Relevant Theory of Economic Expansion and Development: Insights from Ludwig von Mises

11:15-11:30 – Break

11:30 – 12:30

Session 3

Grahame Booker, independent scholar, “Explaining the Income Divide”

Joanna Szurmak, University of Toronto, “The Second Ehrlich-Simon Bet: Who Would Have Won?”

Pierre Desrochers, University of Toronto, “Resourceship vs. Depletion: A Typology of Key Arguments”

12:30 GROUP PHOTO (in foyer outside of classroom)

12:30-1:30 p.m. Lunch

1:30-2:30 p.m.

Session 4

Garrett Petersen, Simon Fraser University, “Do the Rules of Evidence Make Jurors More Bayesian?”

Ash Navabi, George Mason University, “The Market for Secrets”

Josh Hall, Josh Matti, and Yang Zhou, West Virginia University, “Regionalization of Municipal Taxes and Services”

2:30-2:45 p.m. – Break

2:45-3:45 p.m

Session 5

David Howden, Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus, “Who Controlled the Buildup of Bank Reserves Before America’s Great Depression?”

David Howden and Yang Zhou, Saint Louis University – Madrid Campus and West Virginia University, “The Structure of Labor”

George Bragues, University of Guelph – Humber, “Justice and the Definition of Money: Nicholas Oresme’s Aristotelian Case against the Political Alteration of the Monetary Standard”

3:45 -4:00 p.m.


4:00-5:00 p.m.

Alasdair Macleod, Goldmoney, “A Proposal for a Presentation of a New Technique for Understanding and Communicating Economic Theory”

Kel Kelly, GROWMARK INC., “The Failure of Commodity Market Economics”

Predrag Raijsic, University of Guelph, “Did Rothbard “Borrow” the Income and Substitution Effects?

5:00-5:15 p.m

Closing Remarks

David Howden, Ludwig von Mises Institute Canada, Wrap up and final comments