Redmond Weissenberger


Redmond is a Founding Director of Mises Canada, the centre for the study of the Austrian School of Economics within Canada.

While studying fine art at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Redmond read Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, beginning his study of economics that culminated in the discovery of the Austrian School. After graduation Redmond spent 7 years as an industrial designer, working for a company involved in manufacturing residential lighting in China for sale in North America, and then a boutique design/build architectural firm involved with projects such as Norman Foster’s Bow skyscraper in Calgary, Alberta.

The effects of the US housing bubble and central bank monetary policy were deeply felt in these sectors, and the Austrian School provided the answers to questions he had about the business cycle.  Redmond Founded Mises Canada in 2010 to address the lack of knowledge about the true cause of our  booms and busts of the last 100 years and the need for sound money and sound economics to be applied to the Canadian and global economy.


Chris Horlacher


Chris is a practicing Chartered Accountant providing management and project consulting services to large and mid-sized companies.  He was an Assistant Manager at Deloitte & Touche LLP in the audit and assurance services division working with numerous Fortune 500 companies, pension funds and mid-sized businesses.  After leaving Deloitte he worked with Euro Pacific Canada Inc. as the Chief Financial Officer during their startup phase. As a private consultant and accountant Chris has aided in restructuring and improving the operational efficiencies of large organizations, launched insurance companies and continues to provide his financial, accounting and project management expertise to financial institutions and other organizations.

The 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign first brought the teachings of the Austrian School to Chris’s attention.  After the bursting of the housing bubble he began studying their theories in depth and this has shaped his approach to finance and business administration ever since.  Chris began assisting Mises Canada during the early startup phase and was later voted on to the Board of Directors due to his commitment and expertise in the areas of finance, accounting and Austrian economic theory.


Walter Block


Walter Block earned his PhD in Economics at Columbia University. He is an author, editor, and co-editor of many books that include Defending the Undefendable; Labor Economics from a Free Market Perspective, Lexicon of Economic Thought, Economic Freedom of the World 1975-1995; Rent Control: Myths and Realities; Discrimination, Affirmative Action, and Equal Opportunity; Theology, Third Word Development and Economic Justice; Man, Economy, and Liberty: Essays in Honor of Murray N. Rothbard; Religion, Econonomics, and Social Thought; and Economic Freedom: Toward a Theory of Measurement.

Dr. Block has written more than 500 articles for various non-refereed journals, magazines and newspapers, and is a contributor to such journals as The Review of Austrian EconomicsJournal of Libertarian Studies, The Journal of Labor Economics, Cultural Dynamics, and the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. He is currently a professor and chair of economics, college of business administration, at Loyola University.


Doug French


Douglas French writes for Casey Research, Laissez Faire, and other publications. He is the author of three books Early Speculative Bubbles, Walk Away, and The Failure of Common Knowledge.  After a banking career of 22 years, French served as president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama for three years.

French earned a Masters in Economics from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 1992, studying under the direction of Murray Rothbard, who was his thesis advisor, and Hans Hermann-Hoppe who served on his committee.  His Austrian analysis of Tulipmania has been cited in a number of books and articles.

Mr. French has had articles published in the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics and History of Economic Ideas. He contributed chapters to Hayek: A Collaborative Biography Part 1: Influences, from Mises to Bartley published in May 2013 by Palgrave, and to The Fed at One Hundred: A Critical Review of the Federal Reserve System to be published by Springer in 2014.