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    Canada Flagged for Recession by BIS

    As if Canadians needed more proof that the country’s real estate is in a bubble, and that...

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    The Debt Offensive

    Reprinted from Taki’s Mag God help Donald Trump’s critics. The paroxysms they have after the mogul–turned–GOP nominee’s...

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    Government still isn’t creating jobs

    On Tuesday Premier Rachel Notley, in the Speech from the Throne laid out her government’s plan to...

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    Perhaps Krugman's Grandson Will Understand Government Debt

    Oh boy here we go again… In two recent posts, Paul Krugman has once again hoisted up...

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    If Something Can’t Go on Forever, It Won’t

    Reprinted from the Pembroke Daily Observer There is an old saying that if you owe the bank ten...

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    The World´s Largest Subprime Debtor

    Do you have a friend who consistently borrows 30% of his income each year, is currently in debt about six times his annual income, and wanted to take advantage of short-term interest rates so that he needs to renegotiate with his banker about once every six years? Well, if Uncle Sam is...

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    Canada’s Housing Problem

    Stephen Poloz, Governor of the Bank of Canada, thinks Canada may have a housing problem on its hands: On the home front… high house prices and record household debt remain the most important “vulnerabilities” in the Canadian financial system – a problem highlighted in reports this week by both the International Monetary...

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    Deflation & Liberty (Pt. 5)

    Inflation in the form of fractional-reserve banking and fiat money is ultimately a self-defeating practice. It bears...

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    Deflation & Liberty (Pt. 4)

    How would money be produced in a free society? Let us first observe that the fact that...

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    Deflation & Liberty (Pt. 3)

    From the standpoint of the commonly shared interests of...

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    Deflation & Liberty (Pt. 2)

    When it comes to matters of money and banking,...

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    More IMF Meddling

    The International Monetary Fund is up to its mixed messages again. This time it´s a dire warning about Canada´s future. The IMF has recently softened its outlook on Canada, warning that “”downside risks to the outlook still dominate, including from weaker-than-expected exports resulting from competitive challenges, lower commodity prices and a more...

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    Deflation & Liberty (Pt. 1)

    The twentieth century has been the century of omnipotent...

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    Where’s the Austerity?

    Global debt now exceeds $100 trillion, according to the Bank of International Settlements. Over the past five years, debt has increased by about $30 trillion. What’s more, governments have been the largest issuers. Low interest rates have attracted governments to the appeal of using debt to fund public projects today. As the...

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    Canada’s Tidal Wave of Credit

    Be mindful of what will happen when interest rates rise, but note that rising debt levels in...

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    Rogoff, Reinhart and Ricardian Equivalence

    The largest economics controversy of the year belonged to Ken Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart for their research describing the relationship between economic growth and government debt. Their research, based on their popular book looking at the striking similarities between recurring booms and busts, argued that there is a critical level of debt...

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    Do We Really Owe It To Ourselves?

    Is the national debt not a problem because “we owe it to ourselves”? It would be nice...

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    Forget About Reinhard & Rogoff

    Ever since a minor spreadsheet error was discovered in a 2010 study evidencing the plainly obvious fact...

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    Welfare Costs Rapidly Escalating – Everywhere

    Reprinted from GoldMoney Many of us are aware of Professor Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University’s calculation that...

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    A LeaderShift: What we need in our country today

    It’s time for power to go back to where it belongs; to the people. With politicians and the business elite making all our decisions for us, we are losing our freedoms each and every day, and our standard of living goes down with that loss. LeaderShift, by Orrin Woodward & Oliver Demille, is a call...

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