It is the mission of Mises Canada to educate the public to the importance of placing human choice at the center of economic theory, to encourage a revival of critical historical research, and to advance the Misesian tradition of thought through the defense of the market economy, private property, sound money, and peaceful, progressive international relations. It’s entrepreneurial savvy and capital accumulation that build wealth and prosperity, not government policy and the endless creation of fiat money.


Mises Canada executes its mission by hosting events, promoting discourse, publishing a diversity of opinion, and education initiatives.
The annual International Conference of Prices & Markets—held each November in Toronto—is designed to combine the opportunities of a professional meeting, with the added attraction of hearing and presenting new and innovative research, engaging in vigorous debate, and interacting with like-minded scholars who share research interests.
Rothbard University, the first and only instructional program of its kind in Canada, occurs each summer in Toronto, led by the foremost thinkers in economics. Tuition and registration to students for free, as it is for all of our events.
Journal of Prices & Markets
Prices & Markets is a bi-annual journal for those interested in how the application of economic principles can enlighten practical affairs. It stimulates debate on economic and social problems by disseminating complex issues in a widely accessible format. It takes as its starting point the good economics does not have to be complex economics.