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Bryce McBride is an economics teacher and writer currently living in Ottawa. He has published two books - Economics for Canadians and Workbook for the New I.B. Economics.

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    Trade Deficits and the American Empire

    Reprinted from the Pembroke Daily Observer Over the past couple of months, Donald Trump has sought to...

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    Corruption, Money and the Banks

    Reprinted from the Pembroke Daily Observer In the current Ontario election campaign, the Progressive Conservatives are hoping that...

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    St. Patrick’s Day and Crypto-Currency

    The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, I...

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    Is Korea Just a Smokescreen?

    Is Korea just a smokescreen? In my last article (Sticking the arson charge on a couple of...

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    Sticking the Arson Charge on a Couple of Patsies

    Reprinted from the Pembroke Daily Observer Imagine a situation where the owner of a long-established building supply company...

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    Cheques That Can Never Be Cashed

    Imagine how good life would be if you could write cheques that were never cashed. You could...

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    Conservative Renaissance

    As the Conservative Party of Canada enters the final months of its leadership race, it is a...

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    Reprinted from the Pembroke Daily Observer This past November, the filmmaker Adam Curtis released the documentaryHypernormalisation. The...

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    Monetary Pollution

    Some climate scientists, concerned with the warming impact of rising levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse...

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    The Tragic Consequences of Success

    Reprinted from the Pembroke Daily Observer Last month, British voters chose to leave the European Union, encouraging...

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    School Closures

    Recently the Renfrew County District School Board moved to go ahead with the planned closure of Westmeath...

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    In the end, deflation will win

    Reprinted from the Pembroke Daily Observer After having enjoyed years of rising stock prices, investors have since January...

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    Ending the War on Terror

    Reprinted from the Pembroke Daily Observer According to a CNN/ORC poll released this past week, 40% of Americans...

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    Trick and Treat?

    Tomorrow being Hallowe’en, we will soon be hearing children saying ‘trick or treat’ as they help themselves...

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    The Telegraph condemns QE (sort of)

    The Telegraph last week printed a very muddled article by Jeremy Warner entitled “Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to turn Britain into Zimbabwe” that unintentionally made the case against the quantitative easing that is destroying market economies around the globe. Corbyn, who is running for the leadership of the Labour Party, has advocated a...

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    Keep Your Old Dimes Safe

    As a child I was told by my grandfather to keep an eye out for old dimes...

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    How to Eliminate Teachers’ Strikes

    These past few months have seen teachers in a number of school boards in Ontario go on...

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    Time for Some Mattress Padding

    Can you imagine borrowing $1000 from the bank and receiving $10 per year interest from the bank? I didn’t...

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    Hold the Frankincense and Myrrh

    As we approach the end of the calendar year, it is useful to look back at recent...

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    If Something Can’t Go on Forever, It Won’t

    Reprinted from the Pembroke Daily Observer There is an old saying that if you owe the bank ten...

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