The Techno-Gods vs. Homo Simplex: It’s the Battle of the Century!

The Techno-Gods vs. Homo Simplex: It’s the Battle of the Century!
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“For more enjoyment and greater efficiency, consumption is being standardized.  We are sorry.” — Voice in the movie THX1138 (1971)

The War on Obesity being waged by the Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, intends to make the sale of soft drinks larger than sixteen ounces illegal.  His War on Heart Disease promises to fine chefs each time salt is used in their cooking.  For us simple folks who place a supreme value on individual freedom, Bloomberg’s wars are immoral and tyrannical.  His merry band of techno-warriors, however, see no problem with his draconian plans.

The fundamental disconnect is that technocrats like Bloomberg believe that individual happiness and social improvement are achieved not through personal liberty, private property rights and free competition, but through the molding of mankind via top-down scientific management.  The technocrat believes that he can build a perfect society by forcing obedient human cogs to work in synchronism with his plan.  Of course, homo simplex doesn’t respond well to being told what to do.  He enjoys his freedom.  Therefore, the techno-utopianist must manage through force to get the job done.  This is why technocratic societies tend towards less, rather than more, freedom.  Human choice is purposefully suppressed because it only serves to mess-up the elite’s best laid plans.

In this case, Bloomberg believes that to achieve Utopia, society must minimize its collective body mass index and blood pressure.  He and his minions never question the oppression that will be required to modify the eating habits of millions of free individuals.  To the planners, the concepts of freedom of choice and the protection of private commerce do not compute.

Bloomberg views citizens not as free individuals but rather as employees of New York City, Inc.  To him, the rule of the corporation applies rather than the constitution.  He is the boss and he makes the rules.  The big difference between a private company and New York City, Inc. is that employees of a private company can quit, but citizen-slaves cannot.  Also, the use of force against employees is illegal, but the use of force against citizens is encouraged and savored by those in power.  You can rest assured that no citizen-slave in New York City will be allowed to escape the wrath of the Sugar and Salt Gestapo.

Unfortunately, the Mayor’s wars on sugar and salt are the tip of the iceberg in the battles that are being fought to whip us simpletons into shape.  Nearly every news broadcast by the MSM covers at least one study that statistically proves that homo simplex must mend his ways in order to ensure maximum well-being.  Furthermore, the implication by the MSM is that we should never be so stupid as to question the technocrats and scientists because they are experts.  We are supposedly just a bunch of boobs who can hardly get out of bed in the morning without their wisdom and guidance.  And if we do not accept their propaganda and control, or if we speak out against them, then we are viewed as strangely backwards and possibly criminal in our thought process and, therefore, in dire need of “fixing”.

For example, we are told not to spank our kids to ensure a maximum family fun factor (and we’ll be imprisoned if we spank).  We are told to eat foods that are compliant with the government food pyramid (and we’ll be fined if we sell or eat what we wish).  We are told to accept vaccinations to protect our health (and we’ll get a visit from the public health authority if we don’t hold out our arms).  We are told to emit less CO2 and live simpler lives in order to save Mother Earth (and we’ll be taxed if we emit).  We are told to accept random check points on the road in order to efficiently win the war against terrorism (and we’ll be pulled aside if we disobey).  The list of centralized controls and punishments goes on and on.

Another aspect of technocratic rule is that the science that is used to justify one course of action or another can be easily fabricated to serve the ambitions of technocrats who seek power, prestige and wealth in ways that would be deemed illegal in a free market.  Therefore, the immorality, corruption and arbitrary will of the technocracy are accentuated.

For example, it is now common knowledge that the science of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) was largely invented to serve the UN’s perverted goals of population decrease and global government as well as to facilitate a huge transfer of wealth to itself and its green-connected sycophants via carbon credit trading.  In spite of this, there remain dedicated “court scientists” who defend the corruption by calling for the punishment of those who attempt to expose the elite’s wrong-doings.  One of them, a MSM-celebrated biologist, has called for the imprisonment of politicians who question the veracity of AGW science under a new crime that he’s called “intergenerational negligence”.  Now, would such imprisonment stop at politicians, or would the witch-hunt encompass anyone whose views run contrary to the “consensus opinion”?  The answer is obvious because freedom itself runs contrary to the needs of those who want to control us.

How do we regain power over the Bloombergian intelligentsia?  We must recognize that today’s MSM is comprised primarily of “court reporters” who bow to the very people who rejoice in the end days of individual freedom.  Therefore, we must reject the pseudo-scientific propaganda that spews daily from the MSM.  We must look with disdain upon our corporate-scientific rulers who displace justice and the rule of law with contrived scientific studies and statistics.  We must continually expose the dangers, criminality and hypocrisy of those CEO-politicians who view us as simpleton slaves who must bend to their every technocratic whim.  Each of us needs to work to recognize and expose the absurdity, immorality and corruption that the technocrats sell as statistically necessary.

Rise-up fellow simpletons, we can’t let the techno-gods rule over us any longer!


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Roger Toutant has been designing electronic products for the telecommunications, consumer and industrial spaces for over 25 years. He can be reached at [email protected]. Check out a collection of his writing at

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