Sun TV Expectations

Sun TV Expectations
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Having overcome an online petition against it featuring Margaret Atwood, Sun TV is apparently set to launch on April 18. It will be interesting to see the degree to which this addition to Canada’s news channel lineup will give voice to classical liberal/libertarian views.

Though widely billed as “right-wing” and “Fox News North”, none of this means that the ideals of free markets and minimal government are going to pervade Sun TV’s discussions. After all, classical liberalism/libertarianism does not neatly fit into current understandings of the left-right political spectrum. Those political philosophies are on the right insofar as they support private property rights and the freedom of individuals to exchange goods and services as they see fit. To the extent, however, that classical liberalism/libertarianism resists the idea that the state ought to interfere in people’s lives to nurture traditional virtues and defend family values, it tends to the left. Its suspicions about the government’s pursuit of a law and order agenda also make it veer in this leftward direction.

This much can safely be said: we’ll be more likely to hear the phrase “Austrian economics”, or the names of Hayek and Mises on SunTV than on CBC Newsworld.

Profile photo of George Bragues

George Bragues teaches Business at the University of Guelph-Humber in Toronto, Canada.

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