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    Gold Confiscation in Tough Times

    In the land of central banking where large financial institutions buddy up with government bureaucrats for their fill of private profits and socialized losses, here is just another outcome of an unsustainable fractional reserve banking system: Since Gerald Celente’s commodity broker, Lind-Walldock, was owned by MF Global which recently went...

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    Eugenics: Progressivism’s Ultimate Social Engineering

    According to the received account of...

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    60 Minutes and Congressional Insider Trading

    60 Minutes came out with a great report Sunday night that highlights specific acts resembling “insider trading” by members of the U.S. Congress. Be sure to check out Nancy Pelosi’s spectacular failure at attempting to shrug off the accusations around the 9:00-10:00 mark.  The pattern of denial presented by the former Speaker...

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    Papal Economics

    My latest op-ed piece for the Financial Post section of the National Post is in today’s newspaper. It’s  a critique of a recent paper released by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace calling for a world central bank. Interestingly enough, as I argue in the article, the Catholic Church group gets...

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    The Progressive Era and the Family

    While the “Progressive Era” used to be narrowly designated as the period 1900–1914, historians now realize that the...

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    The Federal Reserve A Populist Movement? Puhhhlease

    Gregory D. L. Morris, a member of the editorial board of the Museum of American Finance, recently...

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    Delong Attacks Mises and Gold Standard

    Holy strawman! Check out Berkley economist/Keynesian heartthrob Brad Delong’s attempt at equivocating Mises’ criticism of fiat currency with the labor theory of value: The point of view underlying von Mises’s–and von Hayek, and Marx, and Ron Paul–complaint against fiat money in general and monetary management of the business cycle in particular is...

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    The Peter Schiff Show – Tom Woods: Entrepreneurs & Wealth Distribution

    Tom Woods on Wealth Distribution – an excellent rundown on the key issues.

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    Equality of Opportunity, Not of Outcome

    Quebec Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette wants to force corporations, parent Crown corporations and some financial institutions to have their...

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    Nobody Saw This Crisis Coming. Oh, Really?

    How many times have we heard that one? How come people are still listening to the same...

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    Update to our earlier letter

    Please, click here to read this article in pdf format: november-10-2011   The events triggered during the last 24 hours warrant a short update on our last letter. As we noted then, we could either assume that (a) the ECB (i.e. European Central Bank) holds the line with sovereign bond purchases or...

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    Implications of the Grain of Respect that We Have for the Federal Reserve…

    Behold, after a near-tripling in the total size of the Fed’s balance sheet over just three years,...

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    Should Libertarians Oppose Wealth Inequality?

    With the Occupy Movements developed in several major American and Canadian cities, the issue of wealth inequality...

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    In Defense of the Gold Standard

    The ongoing financial crisis has catalyzed the genesis of a crisis of confidence in at least two...

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    It all now depends on the ECB

    Click here to read this article in pdf format:november-7-2011 The events that took place last week will be consequential. In our last letter, we made the case that even without further details, the measures at the EU summit only showed an impressive lack of common sense. Last week, EU leaders agreed on...

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    Eurocrash! Dave Howden on the European economic situation

    Stefan Molyneax of Freedomain Radio interviews Canadian Mises Scholar and assistant professor of economics at St. Louis University, Dave Howden. You can read more of David’s work at Mises.org Mises.ca And of course his book, co-authored with Philipp Bagus: Deep Freeze: Iceland’s Economic Collapse

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