Mises Canada In Vancouver January 2012

Mises Canada In Vancouver January 2012
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Mises Canada will be bringing the Austrian School of Economics to British Columbia at the

Vancouver Resource Investment Conference – January 22-23, 2012

Vancouver Convention Centre West - 1055 Canada Place | Vancouver, BC | V6C 0C3 | Canada


Toronto – December 28 2011 – The Mises Institute of Canada is partnering with Cambridge House’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, January 22-23 2012, to educate investors as part of the Cambridge house “Investor College”.

Given the continuing instability of the global financial markets, the clear view of the Austrian School is need by investors and laypeople more than ever. To educate attendees to the nuances of the application of the Austrian School to today’s world, the Mises Institute of Canada is bringing professional economist Kel Kelly to teach two classes at the “Investor College” – Introduction to Austrian Economics and Austrian Investing. Redmond Weissenberger, Director of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada will also be in attendance to discuss the importance of the Austrian School to resource investing and the future of our global economic system.

Kel Kelly has spent over 15 years as a Wall Street trader, a corporate finance analyst, and a research director for a Fortune 500 management consulting firm. Results of his financial analyses have been presented on CNBC Europe and in the online editions of CNN, Forbes, BusinessWeek, and the Wall Street Journal. He is the author of The Case for Legalizing Capitalism. Kel holds a degree in economics from the University of Tennessee, an MBA from the University of Hartford, and an MS in economics from Florida State University. He lives in Atlanta.

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You can watch Jeffrey Tucker, of Laissez Faire Books interviewing Kel Kelly on his book below.

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    Kel Kelly is a well regarded economist. Are the recordings of the classes available online anywhere?

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    It is a hard work to bring Austrian School of Economics to British Columbia

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    the article Mises Canada In Vancouver is quite interesting. I like views

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    An analysis by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas in 2009 concluded unequivocally that the CRA was not responsible for the mortgage loan crisis, pointing out that CRA rules have been in place since 1995 whereas the poor lending emerged only a decade later.

Profile photo of Redmond Weissenberger

Redmond is the director of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada.

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