Mike Haywood’s Banking Crisis Digest, Nov 18th

Mike Haywood’s Banking Crisis Digest, Nov 18th
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Best of the Best

Must read……Bank of Canada Governor speaks the truth

Downward Spiral

Greeks fearing collapse of eurozone bailout pulled record sums from bank

Eurozone deal close to collapse as IMF warns of global depression

Banks use accounting loopholes to inflate profits and bolster bonuses

Debt is Endemic In Our System… And the Deleveraging Will be Brutal For Businesses and Investors Alike

Banks Face Crisis Of Confidence, As Europe Falls Further

Down Goes Gold As Dollar Flexes, Euro Toasted

The Cookie Crumbles

Lehman Brothers: financially and morally bankrupt

Why do ‘prices’ of so many commodities and currencies fluctuate independent of supply/demand fundamentals today?

Commodities Creamed, Stocks Reeling As Market Gets Strong Whiff Of Deflation

Why bringing the bankers to heel is so important…

Is the United States Too Big to Succeed?

Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not

The Future: Expect The Unexpected

The Upside Of Down

Why New Danger Of A Systemic Collapse Is Far Greater Today Than At Almost Any Tim

A Glimpse Into the Self-Destructive Psychology of Sharks

Home Prices in Spain Drop 14 Consecutive Quarters; Banks Stuck with Major Losses Not Marked to Market; Expect Conditions to Worsen


Occupy Wall Street

A Rich American Destroys Fiction That Rich People Create Jobs

Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1% (old but good)

Chinese Village 99% in Rebellion Against 1% Authorities

The view from the 1 percent


MF Global Collapse

MF Global Told CME It Used Customer Funds: Timeline

MF Global’s Fractional Reserves

How MF Global Collapsed by over Hypothecat​ing and Who is Next?

MF Global Customers Target JP Morgan

Banks warn over MF Global even as land prices soar–3971.html

Why MF Global Really Went Bankrupt


Global Banking Crisis, Economy, and Systemic Risk

BofA, Goldman, Barclays Have Credit Ratings Cut by Fitch

China: Banking crisis looms

Japanese Debt: The Bubble Of The Century?

Euro zone’s web of debt

Forget David Cameron’s veto, another eurozone crisis is only weeks away

Austrian Banks Facing Payback as Hungary’s $22 Billion Debt Slaves Revolt

Spanish house prices tumble

What would currencies be worth if euro broke up?

Contagion From The Eurozone


Eurozone debt crisis /Ireland/Italy/Spain/Portugal/Cyprus/Greece/Iceland

Divisions in eurozone over ECB bond-buying

Fitch warns Spain and Italy as Moody’s downgrades Belgium

Europe’s crisis develops, what happens next?

Eurozone crisis threat to UK farming

Europe’s bank meltdown will hit home here

Europe’s Banks Retreat From the East

Europe Crisis Drags On, Raising Concerns About U.S. Banks

Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not

Portugal May Nationalize Banks in Historic Irony: Euro Credit


US Foreclosure and Bank Fraud and fraud in high places

Fannie and Freddie execs charged with fraud

Another Day, Another Claim of an Imminent Foreclosure Fraud Settlement


UK Property Market

Eurozone Debt Crisis Hurting London Home Prices in Q4

Housing crisis in the north of England deepens


Global Pension “time bomb” and aging population

California pension disaster looms nearer

Private Pensions: Quantitative Easing Hits Pension Funds

Canada pension deficit understated, think tank says Company Pensions: Private Sector Pension Deficit Hits £222bn

ºNew Study: With Giant Pension Debts, California Is Screwed


Deflation or inflation?

Deutsche Bank launches exchange traded notes linked to inflation or deflation expectations Deflation/Bad Deflation, Good Inflation/Bad Inflation Creamed, Stocks Reeling As Market Gets Strong Whiff Of Deflation the experts: What will 2012 mean for the housing market? Price Data Show US on Brink of Deflation as World Economy Slows


US Unemployment

Jobs — Can America Make A Come Back?

Alternative Currencies, changing the Banking System

Creating New Money: A Monetary Reform for the Information Age

Eureka articles that challenge the status quo

As Economic Growth Fails, How Do We Live?

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