International Conference of Prices & Markets 2017



The International Conference of Prices & Markets is pleased to announce the 2017 iteration of the event Saturday November 11th in Toronto. This will be the 6th anniversary of the conference, with a special opening reception marking the occasion on Friday November 10th.

The ICPM is designed to combine the opportunities of a professional meeting, with the added attraction of hearing and presenting new and innovative research, engaging in vigorous debate, and interacting with like-minded scholars who share research interests.

Past speakers include Austrian economists Drs. David Howden, Joseph Salerno, Glenn Fox, Thorsten Polleit, George Bragues, Mark Thornton and many others. The International Conference of Prices & Markets will be held November 10-11, 2016 on the campus of the University of Toronto.

The ICPM seeks papers that seek to improve the understanding of the role of markets in the economy. Submissions should seek to shed light on contemporary issues while being grounded in a praxeological reasoning. Papers are welcome from a variety of fields such as politics, sociology, and psychology, where ever they can bring relevance to economic and financial questions.

Scholars interested in presenting papers, serving as chairs/discussants, or proposing entire panels should submit proposals by September 1st, 2017. With all submissions, please include the following information for each participant, including non-attending co-authors:

1. Name
2. Affiliation (title and institution)
3. E-mail address
4. Telephone number
5. Title of paper(s)
6. Abstract(s) of no more than 100-200 words

Please ensure that all attachments are either Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Word (.doc or .docx) format.

Select papers from the conference will be published as Papers and Proceedings of the conference in the Journal of Prices & Markets, the flagship journal of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada.

Please send your submissions by email only to David Howden at (with “ICPM2017” in the subject line of the e-mail).