End Ottawa´s Equalization Program

End Ottawa´s Equalization Program
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Hot off her Ontario electoral win, Kathleen Wynne is taking aim at Ottawa. The federal government´s equalization program distributes money between the provinces to help those with less fiscal capabilities deliver the same services. In an interview with the CBC, Wynne noted the unfortunate fact that:

There’s an unfairness in the way money comes back to the province of Ontario. There’s $1.28 billion that really should be coming back into our province for programs and services.

It´s a little ironic that she understands the “unfairness” of a system that distributes money between the provinces at the hands of a higher level of power, but that she doesn´t see the same problem within her own government.

After all, her electoral win relied on grabbing the Toronto vote. One way she secured this group was by pledging a large amount of infrastructure spending which would be paid for out of the province´s pockets (with some help from Ottawa, of course).

This is the same opprobrium she sees with the federal system. After all, it will be the taxpayers in counties far away from Toronto that will be paying for the infrastructure she promised. Maybe it´s time for Wynne to step back and realize the pain Ottawa causes Ontario is the same that she will soon be causing the plethora of communities within her own province.

  • Stevie

    The problem with the liberal urban voter and politician is they are so smug in their righteousness. They so know they are right because they believe all their propaganda
    Drive around in their SUV,s while condemming the "dirty tar sands"
    Vegan tree hugging planet savers.
    When the last industry leaves ontario they will brag about our lower carbon footprint and wonder who will pay their pensions.

  • Citizen101

    I agree 100%. I'm not sure if the cause is just plain ignorance, or more of a self centered worldview where she would be totally ok with unfairly benefiting from this kind of arrangement she will throw a temper tantrum if she is getting the short end… I imagine its the latter option

  • Renegade

    Wynne is nothing short of your typical psychotic and delusional statist. Consistency is not to be expected.

    But it nicely shows the mindset of Torontonians. They're basic social welfare whores. They whore out their votes to whatever john promises a fat purse. That john just happened to be Wynne with her purse of booty she plans on looting from Ontarians.

    > Maybe it´s time for Wynne to step back and realize the pain Ottawa causes Ontario is the same that she will soon be causing the plethora of communities within her own province.

    You're bang on the money.

    When you look at a map, the only votes she got were in TO. Yay for democracy. The original 51% attack. :( The reality is she has less than 20% of the vote.

    (For any Lib readers – No – I didn't vote for any of the criminals that were on the ballot. I refuse to vote for evil.)

  • SRV

    This Canadian would be happy to see "Mises Canada" pack up up their R/W corporate agenda and slither back to the USA… please!

  • FoundATroll

    What a strange thing to say. It seems a common practice now is to start bashing an article by placing it either right/left wing, despite what the article actually says. Foment disruption and disagreement.

    Also, I'm Canadian and I love the anti-war anti-propaganda articles Mises Canada publishes. You are the one who needs to slither back under Harper's warmongering cabinet.

  • Renegade

    Exactly! And take those darn freedom loving arses like John Diefenbaker:

    — As long as there is a drop of blood in my body they won't stop me from talking about freedom.
    — Freedom is the right to be wrong, not the right to do wrong.

    And Wilfrid Laurier:

    — Nothing will prevent me from continuing my task of preserving at all cost our civil liberty.
    — Canada is free and freedom is its nationality.

    Freedom and individual liberty have no place in Canada!!!


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David Howden is Chair of the Department of Business and Economics, and professor of economics at St. Louis University, at its Madrid Campus, Academic Vice President of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada, and winner of the Mises Institute's Douglas E. French Prize. Send him mail.

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