Building a Canadian Student Movement

Building a Canadian Student Movement
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Let us turn our focus for just a moment to America and to Young Americans for Liberty. YAL, the continuation of Students for Ron Paul, is a barely 2 year old chapter based student organization that has effectively taken the message of liberty to college campuses across the United States by establishing hundreds of active chapters and by mobilizing and training thousands of youth liberty activists.

As the Canadian liberty movement grows we must turn our sights on creating a vibrant youth network of liberty-minded students and young people not only in the US but in Canada as well.

I am not in position to do so, but those who can in Canada must find a way to replicate the success of Young Americans for Liberty in Canada. By reaching students while they are still young it is possible to subvert their statist education- later in their 30s and 40s this becomes much more difficult.

YAL’s strength comes from the fact that it is a top-down supplemented grass roots movement. What does that mean? You see, any student can start a chapter on their campus by filling out an online application and a 2 year chapter plan. This process forces students to think critically about what resources and opportunities already exist in their area. From the dues they pay and also with generous donor support each student group receives loads of resources to use on campus. Among these are issues of YAL’s zine Young American Revolution, pocket Constitutions, copies of books like The Creature from Jeckyll Island, and free World’s Smallest Political Quiz kits. Where YAL has also been highly effective is mobilizing students to attend national conventions like CPAC, and to participate in electing candidates of their choice.

What has happened is that libertarian students that used to be isolated on campus are now unified as a national movement and bringing this kind of force to Canada can only be beneficial to the liberty movement in Canada. We can not afford to have another generation of Canadians grow up as Statists and never know that there is a meaningful alternative- Liberty.

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Eric Sharp is a libertarian activist, writer, artist, and student of the Austrian School. He is a regular columnist for the Humble Libertarian, The Independent Voter Network, and is a former chapter president of Young Americans for Liberty at Middle Tennessee State University where he majored in Political Science. He has hosted numerous End the Fed rallies in Nashville Tennessee in the United States, has been awarded the Ron Paul Student Scholarship to attend the Birth and Death of the Fed conference with the Mises Institute where he met and spoke with Ron Paul. Eric is dedicated to eradicating the practice of central banking from the face of the earth into the dustbin of history, that great repository of bad ideas.

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