Bank run in France

Bank run in France
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I just got this from a friend in France, Pierre J.

there is a bank run in France:
branches are limiting withdrawals  now almost everywhere
1 years ago they asked 48 hours for 1500 euro withdraw  now its 5 days !!!
some branches Caisse d’Epargne dont deliver any cash in the
afternoon !  (Corsica mode :-)  see the picture
picture 1 is bank BRED  taken today near Paris  picture 2 is Caisse d’Epargne (made by
my readers)  2 days ago, dont remember where for the second
french official media are observing a sickening silence !
my publisher went to the SocGen paris 8e district, she wanted
to withdraw 1000 euros. They harrassed her asking “why do you want
this money” etc…  and this was already 4 month ago.
But now, it s getting really serious…
  • Tom
  • pau

    When will somebody open a 100% reserve bank? I wonder what sort of fees they'd have to charge on a chequing account to be profitable.

  • Ohhh Henry

    Regarding the forms to be filled out before transferring money out of Canada … I read somewhere that von Mises reckoned Germany had crossed the line into totalitarian dictatorship not in Jan. 1933 when Hitler became chancellor, but a year or two earlier when capital controls were imposed by his predecessors.

    If you can't access, hold, spend and transfer the money then (as far as they're concerned) it's not your money, it's theirs.

  • Vicky

    I heard a Gerald Celente interview about how money in the bank is "theirs and not ours"…he said…"go ahead…go to your bank and try to take out your money….then you'll know who's money it really is"….I went to my local TD bank….I asked for a mere $5,000. I was told they couldn't accomodate that…I asked them how much I could have right now….I was told less than $1,000….I said I'd take $1,000 the teller told me…that actually they didn't have even that….I had to put an order for cash and wait 24 hours….I was asked to provide a reason for wanting $5,000, I made my order and picked up my cash the next day….In an unrealted incident I had to make a wire transfer and was forced to fill out additional paperwork that was never required in the past. I was told that any international transfer exceeding $1500 needed an addition form to be filled out…it was a 2 pages who, where, why, when type of form. I had to justify my transfer…..this is happening in Canada.

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Redmond is the director of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada.

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