Theodore Dalrymple

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Theodore Dalrymple is the Dietrich Weismann Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal. He is a retired doctor who most recently practiced in a British inner-city hospital and prison.

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    What is Poverty?

    Reprinted from City Journal What do we mean by poverty? Not what Dickens or Blake or Mayhew...

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    The Lamps Are Going Out

    Reprinted from Taki’s Magazine Last night the streetlights in my pleasant little English market town were switched...

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    The Demand for Perfection

    Reprinted from Taki’s Mag I was in New York when Lehman Brothers collapsed, in Dubai when property...

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    Piketty’s Garden of Envy

    Reprinted from Taki’s Magazine Resentment is the one emotion that can last a lifetime and will never...

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    The Gross Domestic Pissants

    Reprinted from Taki Magazine A small item in one of those free newspapers that end up on...

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    The Street Keynesians

    Reprinted from Taki’s Magazine According to a poll carried out by the Figaro newspaper, only 17% of the French...

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    Why Havana Had to Die

    Reprinted from City Journal Decay, when not carried to excess, has its architectural charms, and ruins are...

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    Memo to Ed Miliband: My Marxist father was wrong, too

    Reprinted from the Telegraph Edward Miliband and I have something (not much) in common: we both had...

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    Universal Mediocrity

    Reprinted from City Journal In April, the British Medical Journal published “How the NHS Measures Up to...